Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Enderman in Minecraft: Disturbing Block Thieves

It's time for a nighttime trek into the world of Minecraft, to behold another of its horrors.  As you all know, this game world is extremely punishing if you decide to venture beyond the confines of your well-lit, well-fortified safe zone.  With that said let's carefully observe the most unsettling creature in the game: the Enderman.

The zombies, spiders, and skeletons in Minecraft aren't very threatening to look at, but it seems that special effort went into the Endermen to make them look pretty disturbing and creepy.  Their extremely long and thin limbs look alien in appearance, but rumor has it that they are based off of Slenderman.  Due to their pitch black skin, their large white expressionless eyes stand out like a sore thumb at nighttime.  Also, they tend to make a disgusting gurgling noise while they stroll about.

Unlike the other enemy types in the game, Endermen are not openly hostile.  They will go about their business while you stand a mere couple feet away.  Make no mistake though, these creatures aren't like the passive animals in the game (cows, sheep, pigs, etc), they can be provoked, and they will attack.  There are a couple ways to provoke an Enderman.  First and most obvious, you attack it first.  Secondly, if you stare at it, the Enderman will start shaking in anger.  Continue to stare and he will charge at you and begin to take swings at your face.

This is not going to end well.

You most definitely do not want this to happen, because in addition to a devastatingly strong melee attack, Endermen are capable of teleporting.  During an assault they may vanish for a few seconds, only to teleport directly behind you in order to score another brutal hit (believe it or not this is actually pretty scary).

So with that said, why would you want to attack one of these mostly-peaceful creatures?  Well remember when I said they will mind their own business if you leave them alone?  Their business includes picking up blocks and placing them at random locations.  Sometimes they will teleport into your safe area and proceed to pull pieces out of the structures you spent so much time building.  This I find to be incredibly annoying, and I will attack any Enderman foolish enough to start messing with my wood-plank houses (hey at least I don't build my houses out of dirt blocks anymore!).

Can't they just leave things alone?

That wraps up our quick look at the Enderman, how do you guys deal with this creature?  Do you let it disassemble your buildings?


  1. O usually tend to avoid them, but one comes near me I go on a rampant charge swinging my sword for dear life and hope it doesn't kill me

    1. Sometimes swinging the sword for dear life is the only option, these battles can be scary! I hate when they teleport behind you and attack. Thanks for reading and commenting!