Monday, October 7, 2013

The Devious Spiders in Minecraft

I hope you don't have arachnophobia guys, because today we're going to talk about the gigantic blocky spiders in Minecraft!  Spiders are just one of the many terrors that spawn during nighttime (or in dark caves) in the game world.  Though they may look relatively harmless when compared to, say, zombies or skeleton warriors, spiders are not to be underestimated.

You'll know there's a spider in the area when you hear its signature hissing sound.  By that point it is likely heading in your direction, so it's best to be on your guard unless you're already sitting in a secure location.  Once you see their glowing red eyes, it's usually too late to avoid a battle.  Spiders attack by jumping at you, and presumably biting with fangs that you'll have to use your imagination to see.

What makes spiders a huge threat when compared with a zombie or Creeper is their ability to climb.  These persistent buggers can scale almost anything in order to reach their prey.  Whereas a fence or short wall with stop a zombie in its tracks, a spider considers these to be only small speed-bumps on the path to an easy meal.  I can't count how many times I had been strolling at nighttime through my supposedly secure town, only to be ambushed by a spider that climbed over a perimeter wall and dropped 20 feet straight down in order to pursue me.  So when I said to be sitting in a secure location, that location better be fully enclosed.

Sometimes there's just no escape.
One odd feature of Minecraft spiders is that they will only attack you at night.  Once the sun comes out they will immediately turn into friendly creatures minding their own business.  I guess spiders lose their appetite fast once they see what they are actually eating (blocky people, gross!).

Do you guys consider spiders to be a relentless and annoying enemy?  Or do you welcome the battles with these lego-ish arachnids?


  1. The Spiders annoy the living hell out of me because I like to dig myself an underground home, and once they've caught wind of me they hang around the entrance like a bad smell. Thankfully they can't open doors.

    I am sure one attacked me during the day though :-/ Perhaps it's because I'm playing a different version (I use mobile on iPad)?

    1. Hey Matt, thanks for stopping by! Spiders definitely don't know when to take a hint, every so often they pin me inside my house as well.

      I think they will attack in the daytime if you attack first? Maybe they did change the spider AI for the iPad version. Man, the Minecraft world is treacherous.