Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Skilled Skeleton Archers in Minecraft

In previous posts I've talked about the zombies and spiders in Minecraft, so why stop with just those two monstrosities?  Today we're going to look at another servant of Minecraft Hell (or wherever these things spawn from), the skeleton.

Just when you thought Minecraft wouldn't be able to add anything more threatening than a door-busting zombie, or relentless wall-climbing spider, the game introduces an enemy with a long range attack.  Skeletons are very dangerous due to the bow and arrows they are equipped with, which they are quite skilled at using.

There's a few ways you will realize a skeleton is in the neighborhood.  You'll possibly hear its distinctive bone-rattling sound effect, or hear an arrow zip by your head, or worse, you'll get hit by one of its arrows.  When a skeleton has you in its sights, it will stalk closer to you until it's within firing range.  At this point it unleashes arrows upon you at a pretty impressive rate.

This is what will happen to you if you're not careful.

The closer you get to a skeleton, the faster it will fire arrows at you.  If you're planning on cutting one of these monsters down with a sword you'll need to make sure you are fully armored, because you will take tons of damage.  Also, getting hit by an arrow will knock you back a little bit, making it a challenge just to get within melee range.  If this sounds like too much of a risk, equipping a bow and attacking them from a distance is the safest way to take them down.

Just like with zombies, keeping a fence around the perimeter of your safe area will keep skeletons out.  However this is only partially effective because they will walk right up to the fence and attempt to turn you into a pincushion by firing arrows right over the fence.  Your best bet is to put up a nice tall wall to prevent this form of attack.

Also, beware of dark caves.

That's about all there is to say about the skeletons in Minecraft.  They can be a huge threat, especially when a large group decides to gang up on you.  What's your favorite way of combating these enemies?  I admit I'm not much of a bow and arrow kind of guy, and prefer to attack them with a sword.


  1. Skeletons are so cheap. Especially when they have heavily enchanted bows, are fighting you in water, or are being wussies and hanging out in a group. I once faced a skeleton who had a bow that, with each shot, took out a quarter of my health (I had full iron armor, mind you), and knocked me WAY back. And to make it worse, there was water everywhere. I was forced to cower near corners and on the side of the hill we were on, cheap shotting him (and getting shot in the face in the process) as he came in sight, then running and cowering again. I eventually managed to kill the little bastard after about 2 whole minutes of nothing but total bs. Skeletons are so cheap! I mean, as if being able to snipe you isn't enough, they're capable of firing like a machine gun and often have enchantments, rarely even being as overpowered as the one I faced (I named him "Mr. Op"). What pisses me off most is that pretty much every time I die in Minecraft, it's ALWAYS from a skeleton. Seriously...What the hell...Oh, and you know the worst part about my fight with Mr. Op? After I killed him, I started towards home, only to get ambushed by 3 skeletons at once, one of which being just as overpowered as Mr. Op. I normally don't run from fights, I think that's just cowardly and dishonoring, but I actually said "Screw this!" and didn't even fight them. I could go on and on about my bad experiences with skeletons, but I'm getting bored of typing, so I'll just say this: Skeletons can go -bleep- themselves with their own arrows for all I care, they're so op!

    1. I have to say, this has to be the most entertaining comment I've ever received on this blog, thanks for taking the time to write up your painful experiences with the cheap-attack skeletons! That's pretty hilarious that after that brutal battle you were ambushed by three more!

      This enemy type makes me want to border my "safe zone" with gigantic walls, fences just don't do the trick.

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