Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Creepers in Minecraft: Evil Self-Destructing Terrors

Today we're going to talk about the most brutal, most annoying, and most popular enemy in Minecraft: the Creeper.  Truly these creeps enjoy creeping around and causing massive amounts of damage to you and anything you've built.  Nothing drives home the point that you shouldn't leave your safe area at nighttime like one of these monsters.

Creepers are the most unique enemies in the game.  Whereas monsters like giant spiders and zombies are based off of popular fictional creatures, you'd be hard-pressed to find something in other fictional works that looks and acts like a Creeper.  They're basically armless beasts with four legs and a large head, with a face that appears to have a permanent expression of sadness.  I'd be sad too if my only means of defending myself was to use a suicide-causing exploding attack.

And that brings us to why Creepers are infuriating.  If one of them catches sight of you, which they will due to their good eyesight, it will run up to your location and explode as soon as it saddles up next to you.  Unlike the other enemies in the game, Creepers don't announce their arrival by making sounds.  In fact, they are completely silent up until the point when it's too late to run away (they make a hissing sound the instant before they explode).  Therefore they earn their name due to their ability to creep up on you when you aren't looking and cause devastating amounts of damage.

A Creeper explosion in progress.

If you're lucky enough to survive the initial explosion, you'll find that the blast has caused a huge crater, and taken out pretty much everything within a small radius.  If you're like myself and create your houses out of wooden planks, large sections of these structures won't stand a chance.  Stone holds up much better but is still not strong enough to be impenetrable.  And you thought Endermen were bad when it came to disassembling your creations?

Thankfully it is possible to take down a Creeper, but you must be much more cautious than you would with other enemies.  The easiest way is to use a bow and arrow to shoot them from a distance, which will give you plenty of breathing room.  However, I prefer to take them down with a sword, which is much more risky.  This requires running up to the Creeper, slicing at it, then retreating before it explodes.  Rinse and repeat until this evil monster draws its last hissing breath.

Beating down a Creeper using a sword.

Preventing Creepers from spawning is as good a reason as any to place torches every couple of feet in your safe zone.  A rogue zombie or spider is fine every once in a while, but you most definitely do not want to deal with a Creeper spawning there and potentially destroying your creative works.  Do you guys have any memorable moments of Creeper destruction?


  1. This little mother's can really ruin my day....all day... I mean I've thrown controllers because of their sheer annoyance!

    1. That sounds brutal! I've never gotten to the point where I've thrown my keyboard around, but I've definitely cursed up a storm haha.

      Thanks for stopping by!