Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy Three Years of Strange Gaming!

Wow, how the time flies by.  Three years ago today I created Strange Moments in Gaming in order to talk about all of the weird things I've encountered in videogames throughout my life.  I have certainly experienced many cringe/shudder-worthy moments in games (and I'm sure you all have as well), so I figured I might as well share the pain with everyone!

The evolution of the beloved (at least to me) site logo.
To celebrate the three years of this blog's existence, let's go for the totally not gimmicky approach of summarizing three of the strangest game character articles I've posted on this site.  If you're interested in reading the original articles in addition to the summaries, just click the title header of each section.

#3 - The Sligs of the Oddworld Games

Every good platforming game has to have its signature baddie, and Oddworld is no exception.  But whereas enemies such as the Goombas of the Super Mario series or the pig soldiers in Rocket Knight Adventures are somewhat goofy, the Sligs in the Oddworld games are downright horrifying.

Mario would probably soil himself if he ever came across one of these tentacle-mouthed lizard creatures, which Oddworld protagonist Abe encounters on a daily basis.

#2 - The Little Sisters of Bioshock

There isn't much about the Little Sisters that isn't creepy.  Their glowing pupil-less eyes and otherworldly voices provide plenty of nightmare material to gamers who venture into the halls of the city of Rapture.

As if that description isn't bad enough, hang in there because it gets much worse.  The sole purpose of Little Sisters is to extract and drink the blood of corpses scattered throughout the city (dead bodies are quite abundant thanks to Rapture's civil war).  The blood is then processed by slugs which are implanted inside the Sisters.  All of this horror exists just so a batch of the superpower-inducing substance called ADAM can be produced by the slugs.

#1 - Ooccoo from Zelda: The Twilight Princess

This monstrosity happened to be the very first strange thing I wrote about in this blog, and easily earns the top spot on this list.  Half-human, half-chicken, all terror is a good way to describe Ooccoo.

Did they really have to add nipples too?
Despite being somewhat useful to gamers by allowing us to save our location in a dungeon when a break is needed, you can't help but wonder why the game developers had to make this creature so darn scary-looking.  Even Link himself has a look of shock on his face the first time he encounters Ooccoo in a dungeon.  But then again I guess we shouldn't be too surprised; these are the game developers who brought us Tingle after all.

Speaking of Tingle, I bet you're wondering why he isn't on this list, he is one of the most talked about characters in this blog after all.  Well to address your concerns, I figured everyone was probably Tingled-out by now, thanks to his multiple appearances in Strange Moments in Gaming, including a starring role in this blog's lengthy 100th post.

I hope you've enjoyed this three year anniversary post, many thanks to everyone who has been reading and commenting over the years!

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