Friday, November 1, 2013

Aggressive Inline: An Unexpectedly Haunted Game

Well Halloween is over guys, and some of us are having a harder time getting out of the Halloween spirit than others.  That's why I'm going to be fitting in one more ghastly post even though it's no longer October.  Today we're going to take a look at some supernatural elements that unexpectedly make an appearance in the extreme sports game Aggressive Inline.

Well I probably shouldn't have said they would be unexpected, the extreme sports genre is known for some pretty whacked-out moments (ever play Toxic Grind, or a "little" game series featuring Tony Hawk?).  Anyway, we're going to cover some aspects of the first level in Aggressive Inline, which is the Movie Lot.

Your first impression of the level is that it's pretty standard fare for something of this genre.  You're basically busting combos on the street outside of a movie studio.  You can even enter the studio and continue your hijinks.  Here you'll find that the place is apparently set up for a horror film of some sort, complete with gravestones scattered everywhere, and a dead-looking tree.

Just a regular, non-haunted tree, right guys?

This brings us to the first "supernatural" event.  There is a objective you can activate near the tree, where you are given instructions by a disembodied voice who claims to be the ghost of a previous skater.  In actuality, it sounds like some surfer guy (possibly a bored intern at the studio) talking through a loudspeaker, trying too hard to sound scary and just coming off as comical.

However, completing this objective causes the dead-looking tree to start growing rapidly, with roots bursting out of the ground, and branches reaching out and twisting around overhead cables.  While this is happening we hear a deep, roaring voice and an evil-sounding laugh.  Maybe it really was a ghost we were speaking to?

Possessed tree pulling its roots out of the ground.

Also in one section of the film studio, amongst the gravestones you'll find multiple ghosts flying and walking this way and that.  At first you might assume these to be projections of some sort, just special effects for whatever movie is being filmed.  However after the whole experience with the tree, we just don't know, and the game never explains.

Grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize.

That wraps up our quick look at the possibly paranormal experiences you'll have in the Movie Lot level of Aggressive Inline.  Did you guys play this game?  If so, do you think our skating character really encountered ghosts?  Or were we just being messed with by the studio's staff?


  1. Will there be new articles anytime soon?

    1. Thanks for asking! Yes I have a couple articles in mind, the next post will be the 100th post in this blog so I wanted to make sure I wrote it with a clear head (I got a bit burned out after posting every day of October). Stay tuned!