Sunday, October 20, 2013

Count Batula: Conker the Squirrel Meets Dracula

It seems I can't stop talking about Conker's Bad Fur Day.  The game contains such a diverse set of parodies that you can't help but find one or two levels that you will remember forever.  Seeing as this is the month of October, let's take a look at the chapter of the game called Spooky, and its main antagonist: Count Batula.

Well, Grabbed by the Ghoulies had a vampire chicken, so why not a vampire squirrel in Bad Fur Day?

The chapter starts off with Conker taking a nighttime stroll and encountering Gregg the Grim Reaper.  There's a brief conversation involving zombies, which Gregg hates worse than cats because they are undead, apparently some kind of insult due to his job occupation as a reaper.  Gregg then gives Conker a shotgun and directs him to a zombie-filled graveyard, motivating the ever-greedy Conker by telling him he has a rich relative in the area (he neglected to say anything about that relative being a vampire though).

Yet another game with zombies in it.

After battling through the graveyard, Conker approaches a spooky mansion sitting in solitude at the top of a hill.  This is none other than the lair of Count Batula, where the Dracula parodies are in abundance.  Once Conker enters the mansion, we see Batula for the first time, slowly descending the grand staircase while welcoming Conker (and creeping him out a bit).  Batula has the stereotypical Dracula voice, complete with pronouncing his W's as V's ("Velcome to my house").  Conker humorously takes a couple cheap shots at the vampire's appearance, even sarcastically complimenting him on his hairstyle.  Despite this, Batula invites Conker in for dinner, giving him a tour of the mansion on the way.

While Conker is enjoying his dinner of chicken and wine (which allowed the game to use the famous "I don't" line from Dracula films), Batula tells Conker how long he has lived in the mansion (around 300 years), causing Conker to get even more suspicious of this character.  The conversation is cut short by an unexpected attack on the mansion by the nearby villagers.  It is at this point that Batula reveals that he planned to kill Conker and drink his blood, but due to the circumstances he now needs Conker's help.

Batula proceeds to bite Conker, which turns him into a vampire bat.  As Bat-Conker, you get to fly throughout the various rooms in the mansion, picking up the attacking villagers one-by-one (after stunning them by dumping bat-droppings on them), and taking them to Batula's feeding room.  It is here that Bat-Conker has to drop the villagers into a gigantic meat grinder, which processes the villagers and dispenses the blood into an eager Batula.

Bat-Conker prepares to slaughter some villagers.

Batula happens to be hanging right over the meat grinder, and the more villagers he is fed, the fatter he gets.  When he's fed too much blood, his weight overcomes the strength of his perch, and Batula drops into the grinder, putting an end to one of the best parody characters in the game.

So what did you guys think of this chapter of Bad Fur Day?  Did you enjoy the Dracula parody?

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