Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Final Fantasy X: The Infamous Laughing Scene

I think it's time to pick on Final Fantasy X again!  Despite being a really fun (if way too linear) Final Fantasy game, the cast of characters can be awkward and annoying at times.  Unfortunately for main character Tidus, he's awkward and annoying all the time.  In a past blog entry I already picked on Tidus pretty hard, but why stop there?

Today let's take a look at the infamous "laughing scene" in FFX.  In this scene, summoner Yuna is trying to cheer up Tidus, who's depressed about being torn away from his home and dropped into the world of Spira.  Yuna explains that her secret to keeping her spirits up is to make herself smile, as well as laugh.  Tidus then attempts these actions, with disastrous results.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more awkward instance of forced laughter in any other game.  I dare you to watch this whole scene without cringing once, truly it's an impossible feat.  Thank you Final Fantasy X, for providing us with tons of awkward moments we can look back on and laugh at.


  1. My less favorite scene in FFX....... Ugh. Otherwise a fun game, as already mentioned :)

    1. This is definitely the most painful cutscene to sit through! I must have played through FFX three or four times, yet every time I get to this point I can't help but cringe at this incredibly awkward moment.