Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Freaks of Twisted Metal Black: No-Face

When you think of vehicular combat, chances are the Twisted Metal series immediately comes to mind.  This brutal series of games has kept us entertained with its carnage since 1995, when it debuted on the Playstation 1.  Twisted Metal has always been extremely violent, but on the Playstation 1 these games were somewhat over-the-top thanks to its cast of characters.  Examples include Mr. Grimm, a motorcycle-riding Grimm Reaper, and the characters Dave and Mike, two lowlifes with 1980's metal-head personalities who steal a monster truck and enter it into the Twisted Metal competition.

As if this image wasn't funny enough, you should see the live-action cut-scenes in Twisted Metal 1.

When the series made the jump to the Playstation 2, in the form of Twisted Metal: Black, it received a total reboot, trading its colorful and wacky aspects for something much darker and grittier.  The drivers of the vehicles were no exception either; the game starts off with all the characters locked away in an asylum for various reasons.  Here you won't find any carefree dudes out for a joyride in a monster truck, all these characters are complete psychos with their own unique sets of problems.  So, instead of trying to cover all these characters in one article, I figured it would be a better idea to split this up into an ongoing series called The Freaks of Twisted Metal: Black.  Today we're going to look at one of the more disturbing and disfigured characters in the game: No-Face.

When we are first introduced to No-Face, we don't really know what's wrong with him until he looks into the camera and reveals his hideous face:

Yes, No-Face does in fact have a face, sort of...

We later find out that No-Face is a former boxer who encountered a severely bad run of luck.  No-Face, or Frank as he was known back in the day, once faced a superior opponent in the boxing ring, losing the fight and ending up with severe injuries.  He was recommended to a surgeon to repair his damaged face, but it turned out that this same exact surgeon had lost $20,000 by betting on Frank in his disastrous fight.

To exact revenge, during the surgery the evil doctor completely mutilated Frank's face, cutting out his eyeballs and tongue, sewing his eyelids and mouth shut, among other atrocities.  Upon waking up after the surgery, Frank went insane from pain and rage, completing his transition to the No-Face persona.

No-Face's back-story is definitely one of the most disturbing in the game.  It's also somewhat funny to imagine how this guy could possibly enter a vehicular combat tournament, let alone drive a car, with no eyes (although the manual does try to explain this by saying his other senses have become more refined).

Did you guys ever play Twisted Metal: Black?  If so, were you a little disturbed by No-Face?


  1. I used to shudder every time No-Face lifted his head in his prologue..

    1. Same here, way back in 2003 it was the most disturbing thing I had seen in a videogame so far. Thanks for reading and commenting!