Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stubbs the Zombie: A Unique Undead Experience

Zombies aren't exactly a rarity in videogames.  These days you can hardly find a RPG or FPS that doesn't include zombie enemies at some point.  But how often do you actually get to play as a zombie as opposed to shooting one?  Not very often.  The Left 4 Dead games let you play as the super-powered Special Infected, but only for brief periods, and they technically aren't really zombies. 

There's one game that stands out, an action adventure game where you play as a zombie all the way through: Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse.

In this game you play as Stubbs, a traveling salesman-turned zombie who's out to get revenge for being murdered.  What's interesting about playing as Stubbs is that all his attacks are based on his zombified body.

Sure you have your basic Resident Evil/Left 4 Dead/(Insert your favorite zombie game here) melee attacks, but you also have some abilities unique in the world of zombie videogames.  For example, Stubbs can rip out pieces of his rotting guts and use them as hand grenades.  His guts will regenerate after feasting on brains, so you rarely have to worry about running low on firepower.

Also, Stubbs can tear off his own head and use it as a bowling ball to knock down enemies.  As an added bonus you can detonate his head for some blast damage.

One of the highlights of Stubbs' abilities is his detachable left hand.  Once it's pulled off you can assume control of it, using the hand to scout ahead.  The hand can also clamp onto enemies' heads, allowing Stubbs to possess them (brings back memories of the Oddworld games doesn't it?).

Hey it's Thing from the Addams Family!
Also of note is the fact that Stubbs can convert regular people into zombies by eating their brains.  The resulting zombie army will follow Stubbs as well as attacking and converting any innocent civilians they come across, which is a pretty awesome feature.

In closing, Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse was a refreshing take on zombie games, letting us play as a zombie with his own unique set of abilities.  It was nice to take a break from shooting zombies and see the world from a zombie's point of view.

Have you guys ever played Stubbs?  If so, did you enjoy the zombie attacks/abilities?  Or did you still think it was generic zombie rehash?

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