Friday, May 10, 2013

GIRP: Brain-Twisting Rock-Climbing

A little while back, I wrote about the insanely difficult running simulator called QWOP.  It turns out that the creator of QWOP, Bennett Froddy, wasn't satisfied with making just one frustrating Flash game.  As a result, the nightmare continues with Froddy's next creation: GIRP.

Whereas QWOP was all about running, GIRP (don't you just love saying these game names?) is a rock-climbing "simulation."  Here you are given a cliff face which has multiple handholds attached to it.  Each handhold is assigned a letter, and pressing the corresponding letter on your keyboard will cause the rock-climber to reach for that handhold using whichever free hand is nearest to it.  You are also given the ability to flex the rock-climber's arm muscles, hoisting him up so he may reach handholds further up the cliff face.

Just like in QWOP, prepare to bend your character in awkward poses.

At first it seems like this game isn't too difficult, definitely easier than QWOP.  After climbing a little ways up the cliff however, you'll find your fingers getting tangled up with each other as you try to hang onto one hand-grip while simultaneously reaching for another.  I found myself feeling like a novice typist as I kept forgetting which letters my fingers were on, usually resulting in the rock-climber taking a plunge into the water at the base of the cliff.  As an added bonus, the water level slowly rises, threatening to drown the rock-climber if he doesn't move fast enough.  Don't believe my claims of its difficulty?  Try it for yourself.  Have fun and try not to destroy your keyboard in rage!

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