Thursday, August 2, 2012

Introducing Blog Achievements!

Seeing as everything these days has some form of achievement system (Xbox 360, Steam, social networks, etc), I've decided to implement an achievement system for this blog (they can be found using the title bar at the top of the page).  It's just something silly, but it'll be fun to keep track of certain milestones.  If you guys have any ideas for achievements I should shoot for, let me know, and I'll add them to a "currently locked achievements" section.


  1. This completely reminds me of the IGN article months ago about Achievements, the game within a game, lol. Here's hoping you can avoid the Dry Spell one. ;)

    1. haha yea, maybe I'm taking it a bit far by incorporating achievements into a blog, but I do love my Steam achievements! Unfortunately I've already unlocked the Dry Spell achievement, all of the achievements I listed are ones that I've gotten so far, I'll edit the page to avoid confusion.

    2. LOL - awesome. Yeah, I didn't realize these were ones you had ACTUALLY achieved already. Still made for amusing reading. :)