Sunday, February 5, 2012

Twisted Metal on PS3, Sweet Tooth Rides Again

Whoa long time no update!  Hope everyone is having great gaming sessions, lots of good stuff out there now (or almost ready to be released), such as Resident Evil Revelations, the new SSX, and the Playstation Vita.  I've been playing the demo for the new Twisted Metal, and it has been awesome.

It's good to see they kept the same Sweet Tooth design from Twisted Metal Black

This new member of the series includes a few changes, such as the addition of "factions" (e.g. the Clowns faction where everyone dresses up like Sweet Tooth and tries desperately to be as evil and demented).  This means you are no longer going solo as any of the characters, you always have some like-minded freak buddies backing you up.  One thing that kind of bothers me is that you can put any character into any of the available vehicles, so if you always wanted to have Sweet Tooth ride Mr. Grimm's motorcycle, this game's for you (but I still believe that he should stick with his iconic ice cream truck).

One really interesting new feature is the helicopter vehicle, which allows you to soar high above your opponents, raining down a world of hurt with missiles and the mounted gun (which you can fire from a first person view).  Who knows what this is going to do for multiplayer balance, are cheating bastards going to hang out high in the sky waiting for everyone else to kill each other?

Other than that this is classic Twisted Metal, with the usual power-ups, destructible environments, and control scheme, but with slightly improved vehicle handling.  If you're a fan, there's no excuse for not taking the demo for a spin!


  1. Yes! Sweet Tooth is making his comeback and on Valentine's day. Wait a second damn i'm married!

    1. Marriage strikes again! Sounds like the $50 for Twisted Metal is instead going towards a Valentine's day dinner haha

  2. I'd love to see an HD remake of TM2 but with some new levels and characters as well.