Sunday, August 7, 2011

Strange News in Gaming

In "exciting" news, Excalibur Publishing Limited has released their thrilling game titled Street Cleaning Simulator!  Who needs Grand Theft Auto, with it's fast cars, police chases, and all-out carnage?  Excalibur Publishing claims that you'd rather be cruising the streets at a comfortable 5 MPH pace, scrubbing away dirt, fast food wrappers, and all other exciting pieces of trash.

Seriously, whenever I think that developers are running out of ideas, along comes a group of developers to prove that yes, they are indeed running out of ideas.  I understand the existence of other simulation games; railroad simulators have a generous following, and obviously flight simulators are very popular.  But why did someone need to develop a street cleaning simulation?  You are marketing to a very small, if non-existent niche here.  Judging from the harsh review courtesy of Gamespot, it's as if the developers figured nobody was going to purchase this game anyway and put no effort into creating a polished simulation.

Street Cleaning Simulator, coming to a bargain bin near you.

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