Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Horrific Nurses of Silent Hill 2

It's October once again, and that can only mean one thing: Halloween is in the air!  This month in Strange Moments in Gaming will be dedicated entirely to spooky gaming, so let's get started!  Today we'll be revisiting our favorite fog-and-monster infested town: Silent Hill.  More specifically, the nurse monsters in Silent Hill 2.

As you all know, each Silent Hill game custom tailors its monsters to reflect the psyche of the game's protagonist.  In the case of Silent Hill 2, we encounter hordes of monstrous nurses which are representative of protagonist James' terrible memories of his wife's fatal sickness.  These nurses have so many horrifying features that just remembering a play-through of this game is enough to give you the creeps.

When these terrors catch sight of James, they unleash a blood-curdling guttural scream, and begin shuffling towards him with their unnerving gait.  Seeing their heads lazily hanging down only adds to the disturbing appearance.  Speaking of heads and disturbing features, the nurses either have no face (just a faint outline where the face should be), or their face consists of a bloody mouth.  While you're taking in all this visual input, the nurses will swarm James and attempt to beat him to death using steel pipes (seems like an odd choice of weapon for a nurse, but whatever).

Now that you have all these wonderful images in your head, I think this is a good time to wrap up this first Halloween/spooky themed gaming article.  Did you guys play Silent Hill 2? If so, were you unnerved by the series' signature nurses?


  1. Yeah, those things were super creepy. Yee. This plus the fog effects? two of the reasons SH2 was one of the creepier games I ever played.

    1. Hey Chalgyr, thanks for reading/commenting! Yea the fog really made for an unnerving experience; hearing those nurses walking around but not being able to see them until it was almost too late, creepy stuff!