Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Grey Childen in Silent Hill: Pint-Sized Terrors

It's about time for another visit to Silent Hill, don't you think?  Today let's push through the fog and go back to the days of the Playstation 1, and the delightfully hideous town in Silent Hill 1.  The game starts off with the protagonist Harry searching for his adopted daughter in the strangely abandoned town, where his search eventually brings him to an equally abandoned elementary school.

Class is most definitely not in session.

It is in this school that we experience one of the signature events in the Silent Hill games: the transition into an alternate dimension, where the town is even more horrifying than before.  After this transition the most disturbing horrors come out to play, and Harry now finds the elementary school to be inhabited by monstrous, child-shaped beings called Grey Children.

Grey Children attacking a pipe-wielding Harry.

The Grey Children are about half as tall as Harry, and have featureless faces, with grotesque skin stretched over their tiny frames.  They each carry a knife as they patrol the halls of the elementary school.  Once they have Harry in their sights they will slowly stalk towards him, usually in small groups.  Like the nurses in Silent Hill 2, their walking animations are pretty disturbing.  There's just something unsettling about seeing child-sized monstrosities with knives slowly advancing to your location.

Once a Grey Child gets within attacking distance, it will slash at Harry with his knife.  If they get too close, they will lunge at him and cling onto Harry, attempting to pull him down.  It's worth mentioning that while they are attacking, they will occasionally spit out a creepy-sounding laugh, probably to damage your morale.  When Grey Children take damage, they emit disgusting croaking sounds.

And that about wraps up our look at these horrors of Silent Hill's elementary school.  This should be enough nightmare material for today.  What did you guys think of the Grey Children in Silent Hill?  Horrifying, or just a nuisance?

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