Monday, June 3, 2013

The Freaks of Twisted Metal Black: Mr. Grimm

Previously on The Freaks of Twisted Metal: Black, we met the mutilated boxer known as No-Face.  In continuing with our coverage of all the psychos in Twisted Metal: Black, today let's take a look at one of the most well-known characters in the series: Mr. Grimm.

Mr. Grimm is one of the few characters who makes an appearance in every Twisted Metal game.  This scythe-wielding bad-ass always rides a motorcycle into battle (with the exception of the sub-par Twisted Metal 4), and is usually introduced to us as the one and only Grim Reaper.  His storyline is pretty consistent throughout most of the games; he enters the contest in order to consume as many souls as possible.

In Twisted Metal: Black, the developers abandoned Mr. Grimm's supernatural aspects in favor of a more realistic representation.  In this game, Mr. Grimm is a regular human being; a Vietnam War veteran to be exact.  At the beginning of the game he is being contained in the asylum because of an extreme case of post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as another mental issue that we'll get to in a moment.

It turns out that back in the war, Mr. Grimm (we are never told what his real name is) and his best friend Benny were captured and locked in a cave after witnessing their whole squad get annihilated.  This resulted in Benny dying in the cave, while Mr. Grimm had to result to cannibalizing Benny's corpse in order to survive.  Going insane from this experience, Mr. Grimm makes himself a helmet out of Benny's skull, giving him an appearance more familiar to Twisted Metal fans.

As the game goes on, we learn that Mr. Grimm has developed a taste for human flesh, making him a consumer of humans rather than the consumer of human souls.  This definitely makes him one of the most disgusting characters in Twisted Metal: Black.  What did you guys think of this incarnation of Mr. Grimm?  Did you prefer him as the Grim Reaper?


  1. So ever since the initial Twisted Metal games, Mr. Grimm was always my favorite. We would sit around together as a group of friends and play,and while Grimm was easy to blow up, his speed and attack power made him perfect for flashy, griefing kills against college buddies. I don't mind this take on him, but his initial versions are what are stuck in my head now.

    1. Hey Chalgyr, thanks for the comment! That's awesome that you were able to harness the speed of Mr. Grimm, I was never so fortunate, Grimm always dies really quickly when I'm controlling him. While this version of the character fits TM: Black pretty well, I agree that the Grim Reaper versions are what immediately comes to mind when someone thinks of this character.

    2. Well, I never said I was able to COMPLETELY harness his ability, but I did pretty well at times. Still, I was often perfectly willing to let myself die if I could take out one or two of my buddies in a quick strike that would leave us all up in flames. This, football titles, Golden Eye and Mario Kart were our favorites in college, :)