Friday, May 11, 2012

Bioshock Infinite Delayed to 2013, Here's Hoping For Improvement!

I'm not sure if you've already heard of this, but Bioshock Infinite has been delayed until February 2013.  It saddened me to realize I was indifferent to this news, I'm just not excited about the game.

For me, Bioshock has always been about exploring dark, creepy, mostly abandoned areas while encountering hideous mutants.  Some of the magic was lost in Bioshock 2, because the game focused more on non-stop action and much less on the slow-paced, tense exploration sequences.  In fact, scary jump-out-of-your-seat moments were completely absent from Bioshock 2.

I worry that this trend of turning the series into a Call of Duty-style non-stop gunfight will continue with Infinite.  The game features wide open environments for sniping and long range combat, but there is still hope because returning are the claustrophobic areas with the close range combat we all know and love.

Also, Bioshock Infinite does seem to retain the theme of trying to piece together what went wrong in an isolated community while you battle the vicious locals (who sadly don't seem to be complete abominations like the Splicers).  There's even hope that Infinite will have some of the creepiness from the previous games in the series.  One of the enemies is a mechanical George Washington who wields a minigun and hunts you down like the Terminator:

You'll never look at a quarter the same way again.
One look at that creepy porcelain doll face and you know you are going to dread running into these guys at close quarters.  Alright so maybe I'm a little bit excited for this game, if the devs can make sure it still feels like Bioshock (and please bring back the jump-out-of-your-seat moments!) then this one might be worth checking out.

How about you guys, are you looking forward to Bioshock Infinite?  Do you think it can reclaim the magic of the first Bioshock game?


  1. I hadn't heard this, until I just read it here!


    I have never played/completed a Bioshock game...but I have heard A LOT of good about the first two games.

    I remember seeing the trailer for this at E3 last year (I think), and thinking it looked pretty good.
    I'm just glad the publisher is giving the studio more time to work on the game, and not rush it for a holiday release just to get extra sales...hopefully it works out for the best. For gamers and the studio.

    1. For sure, let's hope the developers can make this a game worthy of the Bioshock name. It's good to see that at least this studio wants to make a great game instead of pulling an EA and rushing out whatever it can.

      You definitely have to play the first Bioshock game sometime, the atmosphere is incredible! Steam sometimes has it on sale, I've seen them occasionally drop the price to $5 or so.

  2. I didn't hear about this news. I'm actually sad about it since I love Bioshock and Bioshock 2. Of course at the same time I think it's best to hold it back and not rush on it. That way when it finally releases, the game will be great with no issues.

    - The Girl Gamer

    1. It's definitely a good idea to take time to work out the bugs! Most devs are too sloppy these days, they just release a bug-infested mess and rely on patches to smooth things out.