Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Gabepire Strikes Back

This week amidst all the chaos of Mark Zuckerberg continuing to manipulate the masses (i.e. Facebook has been updated yet again), I happened to come across this picture on Facebook:

Seeing as I'm a huge Team Fortress 2 fan (as well as a Star Wars fan), I couldn't help but create my own version of this picture, using every Valve gamer's favorite punching bag: Gabe Newell.

These aren't the delayed games you are looking for.
It's very easy to draw parallels between Facebook users and Team Fortress 2 players, seeing as both sets of people complain like mad whenever a large update is released for their respective platform.  I for one am glad that Valve continues to support TF2 nearly four years after the game's release, but sadly I have at times been among the complainers.

When item trading was first introduced, I absolutely loathed it, mainly because the chat topics on the servers immediately switched over from strategizing to weapon trading.  This greatly ruined the TF2 experience for many weeks until finally players created trading servers for such things, and strategy chat made a triumphant return in the regular servers.

Also, while I now accept that new weapons are added to TF2 every couple of weeks, I still miss the days when new weapons were a special occasion.  Fellow TF2ers know what I'm talking about; new weapons were released every few months or so, and to unlock them you had to complete achievements.  None of this random drop nonsense.

But anyway, Team Fortress 2 is still awesome, no matter how much the Newell team messes with it!

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