Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gaming News: Sony Cuts PS3 Price to $250

Let us deviate from our path of game strangeness for a minute and report that Sony is cutting the price of the PS3 from $299 to $249.  Looks like Sony decided to play a little follow-the-leader after the recent price drop of the Nintendo 3DS.

Regardless, it is now a bit more affordable to try out some weird PS3 games such as Catherine, where you get to experience the nightmares of the protagonist, while solving puzzles along the way.


  1. Now, 250 is a good price for me! Sadly, saving up for the Wii U which I know they will over charge me for but Nintendo Fan Boy here. I have a 360 as well and would love PS3 but just more money down the drain for me.

  2. Hi Gaming in Public,

    I agree with you that Nintendo will probably be overcharging for the Wii U, I read an estimate somewhere near $500, ouch. Looking back at all the criticism Sony received for launching the PS3 at such a high price, I suspect that Nintendo will probably be feeling the heat as well if they sell the Wii U for $500.

    I think you made a good choice by going with the 360 instead of buying a PS3 as well, I have both systems and my PS3 mostly collects dust because so many games are cross-platform these days.