Monday, August 8, 2011

The Fighters of Soul Calibur: Meet the Freak Show

First off, before I get accused of bashing, I would like to say that I'm a fan of fighting games, especially the Soul Calibur games.  They are some of the easiest games to pick up and play, with enough depth and fun factor to keep you coming back for years.  In a game a such as Soul Calibur, where the battle between good and evil is always present, mainly due to two magical swords, you expect to see a certain degree of mystical character design.  Soul Calibur definitely provides the mystical characters, such as the ghost pirate Cervantes and the possessed knight Nightmare.


However, the Soul Calibur games are also home to many freakish characters, and that is what I'm here to talk about: the top 3 freaks of the Soul Calibur games.

3. Yoshimitsu

Yoshimitsu is just as much a badass as he is a freaky character.  Does this ninja let the loss of his arm stop him or even slow him down?  Not a chance, he shows his skill by wearing a prosthetic and using it as his primary sword-wielding arm.

Now the reason I put him into the freak category is mainly because of his fighting style and his personality in general.  While uttering strange ninja-ish cries, he performs moves such as using his sword like a pogo-stick and bouncing all around, or flying through the air by spinning the sword like a helicopter blade (and sometimes using the little flag attached to his back), or even spinning himself around like a ballerina until he collapses from making himself dizzy.  Victories usually result in him sitting in some awkward pose and making strange noises that can't really be described.

2. Necrid (Soul Calibur II only)

Now we're really starting to move into freak territory.  This not-so-jolly green giant made only one appearance in the Soul Calibur series, and due to low popularity we probably won't be seeing him again.  Besides being laughable in appearance, he speaks his own unintelligible language consisting of growls and mumbles, which can also earn some laughs from time to time.  His in-game story is pretty bland, he was a mighty warrior who happened to come across some shards of the evil sword Soul Edge, which then turned him into the Hulk's little brother.  After all these years I still can't figure out what the deal is with the lava spotlight strapped to his chest, but due to strange design he earns the 2nd spot on this freaky list.

1. Voldo 

Voldo is hands down the strangest character in all the Soul Calibur games.  Words cannot describe how odd it is to see this character in motion, even watching him stand idle is a weird experience.  Voldo is blind and mute, and only speaks through eery hissing sounds and the occasional moan.  His fighting style is as unorthodox as you can imagine, with a variety of movements that you would never expect a human to perform.  Yes, as hard as it is to believe, especially after seeing Voldo's animations, he is human.  See for yourself why I have crowned Voldo the king of Soul Calibur freaks.

And that wraps up our look at the freaks of the Soul Calibur series.  Until next time, happy fighting!


  1. Voldo is my favorite because he is freaky in a way that i cant ignore!!! <3

    1. Voldo is definitely the king of freaks in Soul Calibur! Some of his fighting moves are just plain crazy!