Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Strange Moment in Gaming History

This Strange Moment in Gaming History is brought to you by one of the creepiest, if not the creepiest characters in the Legend of Zelda series: Ooccoo from The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess.

If this is the first time your eyes have gazed upon this creature, I'm sure you have just shuddered with loathing, that sure was my reaction when encountering it for the first time.  It makes you wonder what the Nintendo devs were thinking when they decided to create a chicken-zombie hybrid that is encountered in just about every dungeon in Twilight Princess.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hello and Welcome!

Today marks the launch of the Strange Gaming blog!  In this blog you will find pictures, videos, and stories of some of the strange/funny/just plain awkward moments in the world of video games, both past and present.  Pretty much anything that is funny and gaming related will be found in this blog, be it a screenshot of an awkward moment in your favorite game, or a video clip of someone playing a gold-plated Xbox 360 (hey it's possible!).  You'll probably be seeing interesting game-related comics and other artwork in these articles as well.

I encourage everyone who would like to share some strange/funny moments in gaming history to send them to so that they can be featured in future articles.  With your help, we can make this quite an extensive collection!  In a world where games such as Seaman and Mr. Mosquito are developed, there is no shortage of awkward moments!