Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tingle Island Revisited: The Horror Returns

A few years ago, around the time Strange Moments in Gaming was created, we talked about Tingle the man-elf.  Tingle is easily one of the creepiest, if not the creepiest character in the Legend of Zelda series, so it was fitting that he made an appearance in this blog.  However, looking back on the article I feel like I had not done justice to Tingle Island in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker due to my somewhat brief mention of the place.

Because of this grievous mistake, and because this current entry marks the 100th post in Strange Moments in Gaming, I have decided to once again face the terror-who-wears-green-spandex by giving a more in-depth look at Tingle Island.  Join me on my adventure to the land that makes Lost's island seem like Disneyland.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Aggressive Inline: An Unexpectedly Haunted Game

Well Halloween is over guys, and some of us are having a harder time getting out of the Halloween spirit than others.  That's why I'm going to be fitting in one more ghastly post even though it's no longer October.  Today we're going to take a look at some supernatural elements that unexpectedly make an appearance in the extreme sports game Aggressive Inline.

Well I probably shouldn't have said they would be unexpected, the extreme sports genre is known for some pretty whacked-out moments (ever play Toxic Grind, or a "little" game series featuring Tony Hawk?).  Anyway, we're going to cover some aspects of the first level in Aggressive Inline, which is the Movie Lot.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Town in Kingdom Hearts: A Very Square Halloween

Happy Halloween!  It's time to celebrate the scariest holiday of the year, pop in a creepy game (if you need some help choosing, feel free to pick a game that I've covered this past month), turn off the lights, and prepare to be scared!  Today we're going to look at a game that isn't very scary at all (wait, what's going on?!), but is still fitting for the 31st of October.  That game is Kingdom Hearts, and more specifically we're going to look at the Halloween Town level which is based off of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

For the uninitiated, Kingdom Hearts is a game that combined characters from Square-Enix games with those of Disney films.  It sounds very odd, but it made for an awesome adventure.  Besides, who doesn't want to see Donald Duck kick some ass?  Each world you visit is based off of a Disney film, such as the underwater city in The Little Mermaid, the jungle in Tarzan, and Agrabah from Aladdin.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Castlevania: The House That Dracula Built

Very few games can encapsulate the spirit of Halloween better than Castlevania.  A journey through a gigantic castle filled with all sorts of monsters and creepy scenery, which concludes in a showdown with Dracula?  The only way this could be anymore Halloween-themed is if it had a set of decorative Jack O'Lanterns scattered throughout each castle.  Today we're going to cover some of the monsters that our vampire-hunting protagonists encounter in the Castlevania games.

In these games you'll find the usual suspects in fantasy horror games/media, such as zombies, skeletons (so many different types of skeletons that it's not even funny), and bats.  Since these are so common in other games, let's discuss some other enemies that are less abundant outside of Castlevania.